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Adult Individuals

Life is a process of growth and change. It may be that you feel stuck in that process. My desire is to help you move forward by gaining a greater awareness of self. Many of us have buried pain from the past beginning very early on in childhood. As children reacting to painful events, we develop immature coping skills that we may continue to use today. I want to help you understand the importance and find the courage to feel your God-given emotions.

As an adult our emotions give us the ability to get in touch with what we really believe and allow us to make life changes that are in our control. The ability to stay true to our own beliefs and values will allow us to set healthy boundaries with others.

I believe the ability to deeply connect with self and God allows for deeper connections with the important people in our life. My goal is to provide a therapy that is characterized by immediacy, emotional presence, warmth, and safety.

Cost Per Session: Your  Insurance Copay/Co-insurance. For those not using insurance/out of network, the cost is $75/session. 

Insurance Companies Accepted: 

Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO

Connect with Me: 817-579-5988 Extension 101 

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